The following is a summary of some of the actions and things that bring about poverty, and some of the actions and things that generate an increase in sustenance according to the recommendations in the traditions that have been narrated by Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). These practices which are necessary for us to observe and follow are among many etiquettes and manners that a Muslim should adopt and implement in their practical life.


Things that bring about Poverty:
  1. Committing sin    
  2. Cobwebs in the house
  3. Urinating in the bath while showering
  4. Eating while in the state of Janabah
  5. Using a Tamarisk branch for cleaning teeth
  6. Brushing hair while standing up
  7. Leaving rubbish inside the house
  8. False oath
  9. Adultery
  10. Being openly stingy
  11. Sleeping between Maghrib and ‘Ishaa
  12. Sleeping before Sunrise
  13. Neglecting fate in sustenance
  14. Cutting ties with kin
  15. Becoming accustomed to lying
  16. Singing
  17. Excessive listening to music
  18. Hoarding
  19. Wasting
  20. Belittling one’s blessings
  21. Placing bread on your lap
  22. Sewing clothes on your body
  23. Abandoning Night Prayer
  24. Rejecting a needy person
  25. Illegitimate earnings
  26. Oppressing
  27. Leaving dishes unwashed
  28. Eating lying down
  29. Cutting nails with your teeth
  30. Belittling prayers and its times
  31. Excessive sleeping
  32. Sleeping naked
  33. Sleeping on your stomach
  34. Not washing your hands before eating
  35. Sweeping the house at night time


Things that bring about /generate Rizq/sustenance
  1. Consoling with fellow brethren
  2. Leaving early to work for sustenance
  3. Seeking forgiveness from Allah ta’ala
  4. Reciting Ayah al-Kursi
  5. Saying the truth
  6. Not talking while in toilet
  7. Keeping ties with Kin
  8. Being thankful for blessings
  9. Staying away from giving a false oath
  10. Washing hands or performing wudhu’ before eating
  11. Turning on the lights before sunset
  12. Cutting nails on Friday
  13. Cleaning your teeth
  14. Wearing yellow or white slippers
  15. Wiping your face with rosewater
  16. Sweeping the house
  17. Combining the two prayers – Dhuhr-Asr, Maghrib-‘Ishaa
  18. Marriage
  19. Particular invocations, like saying لا إله إلا الله الملك الحق المبين thirty times every day
  20. Supererogatory Night Prayers
  21. Staying awake from Fajr time till Sunrise
  22. Reciting the Adhan words with the Mu’adhin
  23. Earning legitimate income
  24. Hajj and ‘Umrah pilgrimage
  25. Ziyarah of Imam Husain (a.s.)
  26. Giving charity and donating for the sake of Allah ta’ala
  27. Wearing the following rings/stones: Agate, Ruby, turquoise, emerald.
  28. Brushing hair and brushing the beard after performing wudhu’
  29. Using a walking stick
  30. Feeding people
  31. Eating what falls onto the tablespread
  32. Good manners and good neighbouring
  33. Staying in the state of ritual purity
  34. Fulfilling the requests and needs of believers
  35. Seeking the least amount of income and sustenance


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