Hiring to perform acts of ‘ibadah – wajib or mustahab – on behalf of your marhoom, or living.

It is necessary for every family to ascertain their loved ones who have departed this world are free of any responsibility or accountability towards Almighty God as far as their obligatory acts. If there are wajib things they did not fulfil during their lives, like prayer, fasting, Hajj, kaffaraat, khums, or anything else, then it is for the family to either fulfil these acts, or employ somebody trustworthy and reliable to do it.

In addition to this, for the sake of elevating their blessed soul, in gaining more reward, and also for someone who is alive, you are able to delegate a person to perform mustahab acts, like reciting of the Quran, Ziyarah, and so on.

We offer this facility, and will accommodate to your needs, where not only will you accomplish the acts of worship for a loved one, you will also be financially assisting a fellow mu’min/mu’minah who is in need.

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